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Millionaire is in repeats for the next two weeks. If you want to catch a repeat stint of wwtbam.biz's own Jeff Gross as the ask the expert, tune in Thursday, May 28 and Friday, May 29.
The final three weeks of season 7 begin Monday, June 8 with the season's third guest hosted week of episodes. After Cat Deeley and Samantha Harris, another woman will be relieving Meredith Vieira for a week. Shaun Robinson will be the guest host. She's probably best known as a co-anchor and correspondent for Access Hollywood.
Week 32 statistics
Number of contestants: 8
Total amount won: $109,000
Top performer: Sam Keen, Houston, TX: $50,000
Expert 1 (Mon-Wed): Jim Cramer, television personality (Mad Money - CNBC)
Expert 2 (Thu-Fri): Ogi Ogas, $500,000 Millionaire winner, season 5 (November 7 and 8, 2006)
Week 32 will begin with something very unusual. There will be two carryover players to start the week. First up will be the player who ended week 31, Sam Keen from Houston, TX. Sam will start on question 9 for $16k with all of his lifelines remaining. He'll be the second player in syndicated Millionaire history to face two different hosts. He started his run opposite Samantha Harris, and will return to face Meredith Vieira for the upper part of his stack.
Although only a weekend will have passed for regular Millionaire viewers, poor Sam had to wait over two months to complete his run in the hot seat. Week 31's episodes with Samantha Harris were taped August 29, 2008 while Meredith Vieira was still covering the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Week 32's shows were taped on October 30, 2008, meaning Sam had to wait 62 days between the start and end of his hot seat runs.
Sam's long wait was due to the need to maintain continuity for Millionaire viewers. Back in August, 2008, Millionaire's producers would not have decided yet when to air the Samantha Harris hosted shows. By November, 2008, near the end of season 7 taping, the scheduling order became clear and the rest of Sam's run was taped.
The second carryover player to air on Monday will be Michael Roslin from Monmouth Beach, NJ. Michael will begin the rest of his hot seat run ready to face question 7 for $4k. You might remember Michael from the end of week 29 - right before Famous Names Week (week 30) and the Samantha Harris guest host week (week 31). Although to viewers it looks like Michael has been away for a couple of weeks, he only had to wait one day to complete his run - week 29's shows were taped on October 29, 2008.
Now that you're up to date, we'll also let you know that there will be two weeks of repeats after week 32's episodes. The final three weeks of season 7 will air starting June 6.
Week 31 statistics
Guest host: Samantha Harris
Number of contestants: 6
Total amount won: $150,000
Top performer: James Booker, Port Arthur, TX: $50,000
Expert: Howard Johnson, $250,000 Millionaire winner, season 3 (February 15 and 16, 2005)
Week 30 statistics
Theme: Famous Names Week
Number of contestants: 7
Total amount won: $62,000
Top performers: Bill Murray, Las Vegas, NV and Barbara Eden, Jersey City, NJ: $25,000
Expert 1 (Mon): Billy Bush, television presenter (Access Hollywood) and syndicated Millionaire guest host, season 7 (May 21-25, 2008)
Expert 2 (Tue-Fri): Ken Jennings, 74-time Jeopardy! champion, writer and current top prize winner in US game show history
Week 29 statistics
Number of contestants: 9
Total amount won: $95,000
Top performer: Richard Winegar, Malabar, FL: $50,000
Expert 1 (Mon-Tue): Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium (New York, NY)
Expert 2 (Wed-Fri): Ogi Ogas, $500,000 Millionaire winner, season 5 (November 7 and 8, 2006)