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Season 7 is now complete. Millionaire is in repeats until mid-September and the start of season 8. Well, that's true for the Meredith Vieira hosted version anyway.
As many of you are already aware, there will be a two week prime time Millionaire event on ABC starting on August 9. Regis Philbin will be hosting. The rules will be the same as used on syndicated Millionaire's season 7, meaning there will be a clock, the ask the expert lifeline is awarded after question 5 and the double dip lifeline replaces the 50:50. The only difference in gameplay is that fastest finger first will be used to select the hot seat contestant. No changes to the syndicated version money tree are anticipated.
Auditions are under way for both the primetime Millionaire revival and syndicated Millionaire season 8. Consult the syndicated Millionaire official site for audition schedule and details. There has been talk of reviving the phone qualification game to select at least some of contestants for the primetime game, but there has been no official announcements or confirmation as of yet.
Week 35 statistics
Number of contestants: 8
Total amount won: $121,000
Top performer: Bridget Dilauro, Brooklyn, NY: $50,000
Expert: Carmen Wong Ulrich, television personality (On the Money - CNBC)
Week 34 statistics
Number of contestants: 8
Total amount won: $160,000
Top performers: Dave Johnston, New York, NY and Christian Zabriskie, Brooklyn, NY: $50,000
Expert 1 (Mon-Wed): Ashleigh Banfield, television host ("Banfield & Ford: Courtside" - TruTV)
Expert 2 (Thu-Fri): Ogi Ogas, $500,000 Millionaire winner, season 5 (November 7 and 8, 2006)
Week 33 statistics
Guest host: Shaun Robinson
Number of contestants: 6
Total amount won: $153,000
Top performers: Melissa Wegner, Buffalo, NY; Alexandra Burris, Dunwoody, GA and Andrew Nelson, New Bedford, MA: $50,000
Expert: Tom Spencer, $100,000 Millionaire winner, season 4 (September 12 and 13, 2005)