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Season 9 - the shift hits the fan September 13!

The shifting prize values, that is. Syndicated Millionaire season 9 brings with it substantial new rule changes designed to make the early parts of the game more exciting. Contestants will have increasingly have to rely on their own wits, and the game now includes a whole new element of luck.

You'll see randomized questions with randomized values. New lifelines, along with an old classic. Old school Millionaire for the contestants with the most talent and guile. And a shorter path to $1,000,000 for the best of the best.

An excellent sample game that will help you familiarize yourself with the new rules, and a complete description of the new rules are available at the official syndicated Millionaire web site.

Will it all work? That will be up to us viewers. After playing the sample game, I'm intrigued. The early part of the game isn't Millionaire as we know it, but it will be lively. Good contestants with a nose for strategy will find plenty of features to like. The new elements of luck however may stymie even the best players.

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