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Jeff Gross, Millionaire $500k winner and wwtbam.biz webmaster is the host for Academy events.
For more information, please e-mail us at academy (at) wwtbam (dot) biz.
About the Academy
There are many of you out there who dream of being a contestant on the world's greatest game show. And really, who can blame you? After all, you're just 15 questions away from $1 million!
Maybe you're the one shouting the answers at the television. Maybe you just think becoming a contestant would be a cool experience. But what do you do? How can you get from your living room sofa into the hot seat? And what do you do once you're there?
We here at wwtbam.biz want to help you fulfill your dream in two ways:
Academy events are seminars presented by Jeff Gross, the host of wwtbam.biz. Jeff won $500,000 on syndicated Millionaire with Meredith Vieira in November 2004. He is the second of only four $500,000 winners the show has had in over six seasons. Jeff is also the only person to have been a Millionaire contestant in both the US and Britain. He sat in the UK hot seat opposite host Chris Tarrant and won 64,000 in October, 2001.
Jeff has had many interesting experiences with Millionaire, and he has developed a unique perspective on both the television program and the game itself. He's now taken that experience and created an informative and entertaining event that will cover:
  • How to become a contestant
  • Tips to help you get that coveted contestant spot
  • How to prepare for the hot seat
  • What to expect when you're there
  • And so much more...
Events will be in a classroom format and a limited size to encourage participation. They will be an excellent opportunity for you to discuss ideas and strategies with your fellow prospective contestants. Events will be scheduled according to demand. If you are interested in an event or want to find out more, e-mail us at academy (at) wwtbam (dot) biz.
Jeff Gross offers personal coaching to those who have successfully passed the audition. If you've received a postcard indicating you are in the contestant pool, congratulations - this means you!
As the host of wwtbam.biz, I have seen a lot of contestants play the game. And it amazes me how many people fail to prepare or play as if they haven't thought about a strategy. You will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change your life by playing a game. You shouldn't squander it! -- Jeff Gross
Coaching for the hot seat isn't necessarily about increasing your knowledge of trivia. If you're a fan of Millionaire, you do that naturally. Coaching for the hot seat is more about developing your approach to the game. It's about personalizing your strategy, helping you to prepare for the hot seat and helping you to understand the game's opportunities and pitfalls. Coaching will help you prepare, focus and make the most of your hot seat opportunity.
If you haven't passed the Millionaire audition yet, Jeff also offers coaching to become a contestant. Millionaire auditions many thousands of people each season for the 300 or so available hot seat slots. To be one of those who will face off against Meredith Vieira, you will need to rise above the rest.
Coaching to become a contestant will help you know what to expect and help you to maximize your best attributes. Would-be players will develop a personal plan and strategy for navigating the contestant selection process.
Taping for season 7 has now completed. Auditions for season 8 should begin in April or May 2009. To check the current audition status, visit the Millionaire audition page.
If you are interested or want to find out more, e-mail us at academy (at) wwtbam (dot) biz.